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Foundation Board

The Foundation is guided by a board of directors who want to continue the tradition of medical excellence at
Mayers Memorial Hospital.

Board of Directors:

Keith Earnest, PharmD, President
Renee Coe, Secretary
Marie Wimer Parks
Mary Jo McDermott
James Hamlin
Peggy Snelling
Jenny Areseneau

Ex Officio Director:

Christopher Bjornberg MMHD, CEO
Tami Vestal-Humphry, Director, MMHD


Kandie Dekker
Finance Coordinator
(530) 336-6880

Laura Beyer
Grants & Awards Manager
(530) 336-5211

To learn more, contact us!

Mayers Healthcare Foundation
PO Box 77, Fall River Mills CA 96028
44160 State Highway 299 East, McArthur CA 96056
Phone: (530) 336-5211