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Volunteer Spotlight Diane Maupin
Volunteer Spotlight Diane Maupin


Mayers Healthcare Foundation values our wonderful volunteers! Volunteers are an important part of our organization by generously giving their time and sharing their diverse knowledge and great talents with our community. There are many opportunities to volunteer with us including Intermountain Hospice, gardening, assisting residents at the long-term care facilities in Fall River or Burney, clerical work and projects, or thrift store and gift shop support. We also have fundraising and healthcare events throughout the year that are lots of fun! Much of our success is due to the efforts and hard work of our volunteers.

What is required to become a Mayers Healthcare Volunteer? First, submit an application (online link below). Once received, a MHF representative will contact you to confirm receipt and explain the screening process. Next, you will be contacted by Mayers Memorial Hospital District Human Resources Department to schedule an appointment to begin the background screening, TB test, Flu Shot (optional) and Covid Compliance documentation. A helpful tip: Make sure to bring your ID, reading glasses, and any Flu Shot or Covid vaccination documentation you have to this appointment.

If you have any questions regarding the process or would like more information, please contact us at 530-336-5211. If you are ready to get the ball rolling, follow the link below to submit an online application!

Click here to complete and submit the online Volunteer application:

Volunteer Application


Do I have to get a background check?
Yes, everyone over 18 years of age has to complete a background check per our hospital policy.

Do I have to work a certain amount of hours to volunteer?
No. We recognize that people are busy but want to help when they can. We do ask when working at our stores that you try to keep to the hours of operation. Some areas may have time specific activities.

Is there a uniform to wear?
No, we do not require wearing a uniform. We do ask that you follow a standard of a clean and presentable dress code.

Can kids volunteer?
We have a junior volunteer program for ages 13 to 17. A background check is not required to become a junior volunteer. Parental/guardian permission is required.

Is there any training involved in volunteering?
Yes, initially you are required to attend a welcome orientation with the Volunteer Services Coordinator. You will receive specific area orientation when you report to your assigned job within the department you would like to serve. Occasionally, there may be in-service training available for those who wish to attend or may be job specific.

If I work four hours or more in a day, am I allowed a break?
Breaks are allowed and encouraged. When you work four or more hours in a day, you are eligible for a free lunch in our Mayers café. You only have to show your badge to the employee in the café. A lunch is either the meal of the day, a salad from the salad bar, variety of sandwiches, hamburger/fries, or chicken strips. Water, coffee and ice tea is available free. If you desire a specialty drink, you must pay for that. Desserts are extra too.

What do I do if I can't work when I was scheduled?
We understand that things happen or come up. We ask that you please call whoever your direct contact person is and let them know as a courtesy.