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Our Donors – Our Heroes!

Thank you Mary Opdyke Scholfield and Alvin Douglas Scholfield

The Scholfield Trust made a very generous donation to the Mayers Healthcare Foundation in 2022-2023. This contribution will provide resources for years to come to support the Healthcare needs of the Intermountain Community. Mary was a person that always smiled and brought happiness to those around her. She and Alvin married in 1979 and lived for 40 years on the Hat Creek Hereford Ranch in her mother and dad’s home. During that time they accumulated assets by each working. They were both of a mind to be frugal and save money. At their passing, their wishes were to contribute funds to the local hospital and local Fire Department.

Thank you to these generous donors in 2022 - 2023

Mayers Employee Giving:

Babajan, Kelly
Barnett, Selena
Corpus, Regina
Dekker, Kandie
Denon, Cathy
Estes, Rebecca
Farling, Linda
Ferguson, Jeanine
Freitas, Ralph
Hartshorn, Kimberlee
Henriquez-Bruno, Angelique
King, Michele
Lakey, Valerie
Lewis, Brenda
Lowry, Tracy
Mee, Elizabeth
Padilla, Moriah
Smith, Linda
Ward, Kerri
Ward, Louis

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