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Who We Are

Mayers Healthcare Foundation (MHF) was formed as a way to connect the generosity of others with those in need. Since 1998, the Foundation has worked to raise funds and cultivate other resources to support and enhance the services provided by Mayers Memorial Healthcare District serving the Intermountain communities of Northeastern California.

Through ongoing campaigns, annual appeals, special events and generous unsolicited contributions, MHF is able to fund equipment and support healthcare services throughout the communities we serve.

Our Board of Directors

Keith Earnest

MaryJo McDermott
Vice President

Renee Coe

Jim Hamlin

Marie Wimer Parks

Peggy Snelling

Jenny Arseneau

Belinda Strickland

Darla Schmunk

Ex-Officio Members:
Ryan Harris, MMHD CEO
Tami Vestal-Humphry, MMHD Board of Directors

A Message from the MHF Board President

Dear Friends -

As I reflect on the season of giving and listen to Christmas music, I hear Bing Crosby singing “I’ll be home for Christmas.” Listening to Bing reminds me of the humble beginnings of Mayers; Bing Crosby and Phil Harris performing a benefit concert in the final push to raise money so Mayers could open. It was the generosity of the people of the community that contributed time, labor, and money--not only at the concert, but throughout the effort to ensure we have a hospital close to home.

It is not just the big gifts that launched Mayers into existence, but the efforts of so many. As I review the list of donors who have contributed to Mayers Healthcare Foundation over the last year--large and small--I, as Foundation President, am humbled and amazed. I am also in awe of the dedicated volunteers that work at foundation events, hospital departments, and the thrift store. Your contributions make an enormous difference. Your efforts enable the foundation to purchase equipment and support programs that enhance access to healthcare. As you read through this report, you will see the many areas in which your contributions made a significant impact.

As you know, healthcare is expensive. In a rural area, low volumes do not always make programs sustainable. Ambulance service is one of the programs that reimbursements do not cover the expense. We know how important it is to the folks in our community to have a local ambulance. The foundation raised funds through our golf tournament to support Mayers ambulance. Hospice is another program that many people in rural communities do not have access to due to low volumes and large geographic areas. Mayers Healthcare Foundation supports Intermountain Hospice, so they can continue their work of caring for patients and their families when faced with life limiting illness.

As we enter 2024, we face new challenges and opportunities to improve the health and access to healthcare for our friends and neighbors of the Intermountain Area. We need your continued support to help us achieve our mission of supporting Mayers Memorial Healthcare District, Always Caring....Always Here. Please consider donating. Every gift is put to good use and lives are improved by your donation. Thank you for helping us to serve the healthcare needs of our community.

Keith Earnest

The Mayers Healthcare Foundation staff is characterized by a collaborative and part-time structure, with personnel provided by the Mayers Memorial Healthcare District. The team operates in coordination with the foundation's mission and goals, leveraging the expertise and resources of the healthcare district to fulfill its objectives. This collaborative and part-time approach reflects a flexible and efficient workforce dedicated to supporting the foundation's initiatives in the healthcare sector, while focusing on fiscal responsibility.

L to R: (Rowan, Kandie, Michele, Laura, Valerie, Mary)

Valerie Lakey
Chief Public Relations Officer/MHF Executive

Michele King
MHF Program Director

Kandie Dekker
Finance Coordinator

Mary Rainwater
Volunteer Coordinator

Laura Beyer
Grants & Awards Manager

Rowan Dietle
Public Relations and Marketing

Fabulous Volunteers!
Thrift Store Operations